Connecting pax wardrobes

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Connecting pax wardrobes

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Ikea Pax wardrobes (fixing to wall)

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More Rules New Posts. Next Last. Pax wardrobe after connecting and fixing to the wall Hi, Built 2 x and 1 50 x in about 3 daysdoing 1 at a time. Still have to do the sliding doors and the glass door on the My qestion is that after connecting the wardrobes, and then securing them to the wallone side on the top of the near the top plank seems to have come out a bit.

The same with the 50 too on one side. S it going to cause stability issues? Do you think i can correct this now before putting the sliding doors?

Last edited by sandyriver on Jul 3rd, pm, edited 1 time in total. I dunno. All I see is some police officer to trying to help some ducks. I got cats fighting on a bus? I have never figured out how imgur is supposed to work.

If so slack off screws, clamp the cabinet sides tight to each other and re-attach. They were flush and good before i attatchdd them to the wall. Is it doable even while attatched to wall or should i remove wall support too.

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Then i have to hope that the drywall doesnot get loose. Are the pax being installed on carpet or hardwood?In our mudroom Ikea Pax wardrobes provided the perfect storage solution. Also, we already owned them! Yes, our wardrobes used to live in our master bedroom. They provided great storage in there, but were just a bit too big and dark. This was a huge undertaking which involved moving all of our clothes.

Completely taking apart the wardrobes. Moving them. Then reassembling them.

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Ikea sells these wardrobes in a few different sizes and heights. They come in either white or black and I chose the black. They sell TONS of different doors. Once they were in the mudroom I had to first level them, secure them to the wall, and secure them to each other. As you can see before they were painted it was very obvious that they were not built in.

Once I caulked the seams, added trim and painted them black they look like they were here from the beginning. Finally I built a nice big step using lots of scrap wood and leftover flooring from our kitchen. By painting it the same color black it really made the entire wall feel built in. These gave us TONS of storage. We used hanging bars, pull out shoe shelves, wire baskets, and shelves. I also love the modern look that they bring to a space. I hope that this inspired you to find storage solutions for your home that work!

Thanks so much for reading! Turn on your JavaScript to view content. Never Miss Another Post! Subscribe to get on the BrightGreenDoor e-mail list! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address. Pin 8K.We used their planner online—which is a lifesaver for so many reasons, but the best part is you can change your mind and change it all around.

After our initial plans, we took some of your feedback and tweaked a few other things before eventually pulling the trigger on our wardrobe system. Yesterday, we spent the better part of the day putting it together, so now our closet looks like this:.

We nixed pull outs for shoes in favor for drawers. We lined up our drawers. In our initial planswe had drawers cutting wardrobes in half, at varying heights, etc. Less glass shelves. We actually wanted allllll the glass shelves, but our store ended up only have the large ones in stock, so the 4 smaller sections have solid shelves.

We made sure to make the changes we wanted to in the IKEA pax planner before heading into the store because you can make a shopping list directly from your plans which makes the actual shopping so much easier. On the list, it tells you the item number, how many, and even what aisle and bin to find it in. This will bring you to an itemized list of everything your plan entails. It looks like the list below.

You can print it I would! This is also helpful to bring in store and check things off as you get them—because there will likely be more boxes than you could even imagine I think we had 55! My biggest tip here is take your time with the first one. Read the instructions carefully.

connecting pax wardrobes

Talk through it until you feel like you got it, and then the other ones will go so much faster. Once the boxes were together and in place we filmed the whole process and it will be live on CLJTV later on today!

We printed out our plans so that we could remember exactly where everything went and once the drawers were together, it all came together pretty fast as fast as it could with three little ones wanting to help. My side has a long section for dresses, the middle area has a double rod, and I imagine putting all my pants and workout clothes in the far area.

I even tucked a pull out tray for belts, sunglasses, scarfs and jewelry. On the back wall, we want to hang a large mirror and the vintage art I bought that inspired our whole bathroom above it. I think it would be a nice tie-in, plus I love art in unexpected places.Heads up, this is a bit fat moan of a post.

I can lose hours in that place looking at the product, the room sets, thinking about how I could take something really basic and turn it into something a little less so. Anyway, I digress…. IKEA featured heavily in our plans for the room as the wardrobes — the Tyssedal range — were one of the first things we chose for the room.

We got the wardrobes designed and ordered easy enough, and delivery was fine and on time. A phone call later and I was back at IKEA on my way home from work one night, standing for 20 minutes in their customer services queue.

The wallpaper went up, the carpet was laid, the day finally arrived to build the wardrobes. We got my Dad in specially to help. Half of the job done, then we found that we were out of screws. Back on the phone to IKEA. Sending out more screws to us so we could finish the job would take days.

connecting pax wardrobes

Forty minutes later, we were back on our way. Wardrobes up, at last. Doors going on and all looks good. This on is more of an annoyance and a weird design decision. IKEA seemed very proud of the fact that their wardrobe doors came without handles, or pre-drilled holes, so that you could choose your own and get the perfect style and size for your design. Happy with that, I wanted something quite specific so was glad we had control over where the holes went.

Same style, same shade, looks good. Except the drawers come with pre-drilled holes and handles. The door handles have now become the biggest ball ache for me in this whole thing.So we decided to add three Ikea PAX brown-black wardrobes to our closet rather than building a custom setup.

I thought I could find a simple drawer organizer that would work for us, but no one seemed to have just what I was looking for so I designed a simple, no fasten system for the drawer and we built it and painted it to match the cabinet. After the veneer had cooled we trimmed the veneer and sanded the edges.

We then placed the boards in the front and back of the drawer and measured for the length of the dividers. We then cut the 5mm plywood to length and width and sanded all of the pieces with grit paper. I spray painted all of the pieces with Benjamin Moore Advance Satin black brown paint that I had custom matched to the Ikea black-brown color perfectly!

I took one of the shelves from the wardrobe to my local Benjamin Moore Store and had them color match to it, it was a little bit of a process to get it just right, but they did a fabulous job! I had looked and looked online for a formula or a color someone else had found already, but there was nothing that truly matched it that I could find.

Hope you are all enjoying some nice Fall weather and as always thanks so much for stopping by…. I love your cow rug. Phil is going to build one for me one of these days, but we have a few other things to finish up first. Like building a sink vanity for the guest bath. Like Like. Thanks Andi! Thanks for posting the formula for your paint!!

That really came in handy. I thought I would leave a comment to let you know that your label is wrong though. It says gallon, but the formula is actually for a quart. I took it to my local Benjamin Moore store, and they halved the recipe in order to make a quart, and it made a blue-gray instead! So the man working there called up your local store and asked them about your paint blend, whereupon it was discovered that the man who mixed your paint forgot to change the information for the label from gallon to quart!

Soooo much easier than any of the other methods I found while looking for this. Hey Jen! Thanks so much for letting me know this, I will be sure to go back and fix the post so no one else has this issue! Thank You so much for this paint formula.

Planning to customize it a bit with trim and moulding and was concerned if it would be possible with the black-brown frames!!! Thank You!!!!! Thank you for saving all of us from experimenting to get the correct paint match!

PAX Organizers

You indicate that you spray-painted. How many coats? Did you sand in between coats?The idea of creating a custom built-in pantry was the first thing that came to mind when I first laid eyes on this back wall in the kitchen:. You may remember me mentioning that I picked up a couple Pax wardrobes in my Ikea Trip post. Here they are in their final position, secured to the wall and to each other.

You can tell a little at the very bottom where the Pax wardrobe shows the Pax frame is a truer white. This is foil coated fiberboard—a lot trickier. I needed a game plan. If she could go from white to dark gray without a problem, surely I could transform my doors from off-white to white. First of all—primer. Alright, Step 1. We decided to paint the doors already hung to make it easier and save time. After taping off the hinges and thoroughly wiping down with deglosser and a clean microfiber cloth, we rolled on our first coat of primer.

The roller provides the smoothest finish.

connecting pax wardrobes

This primer has the consistency of thick milk, and we used super thin coats. It becomes tacky in under a minute so you have to work fast. Put a quick coat up and move on. The can says drying time is 15 minutes and you can reapply a second coat in 45—this is much quicker than the Zinsser Cover Stain we used last time, FYI.

Which was great because it meant this project would take a weekend instead of a week. The first coat took maybe minutes, and since it felt dry to the touch I decided to start the second coat. But then this happened in a few spots…. I came back and sanded those areas down and it seemed to be fine after that.

I think the key with this is to leave enough time between coats, and make sure they are thin. It fit like a glove on the sides, but there was that big gap at the top. Build a shelf, of course. After measuring the height we needed it to be and making our marks using a level, we drilled the holes using a drill bit that matched up with the insert size:. To keep the microwave from sliding backwards, I cut a piece of spare wood to size and nailed it onto the back.

IKEA PAX Hack – How We Did It

The doors were sticking out before, so just that piece made it look so much more built in and finished. There was no stud where we were attaching them to the wall, so we used walldogs best invention ever, no idea how we ever lived without them.

The magnet attaches to the cabinet and then you screw a little plate onto the door—simple as that. We still have to add crown molding and knobs, then assemble and organize the insides. I cannot wait for that part. Before I go—one last very important matter of business.


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